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Renee Troughton is one of the most experienced Enterprise Agile Transformation Coaches in the southern hemisphere with extensive experience working in small to large organisations across many sectors including finance, insurance, superannuation, government and telecommunications.

The author of both ‘Agile Forest‘ and co-author of ‘Who is Agile Australia and New Zealand‘, she also contributes heavily to her blog at Agile Forest, is a co-chair of the Approaches and Practices stream at Agile Australia, co-chairs one of the worlds leading Agile Podcasts and regularly presents at both national and international conferences on Agile. Renee specialises in enterprise transformations, Kanban, scaled and non software development implementations of Agile.


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Craig has been an Agile Practitioner, Coach and one of Australia’s premier Agile Trainers for over ten years. 
As an co-organiser of the Agile Brisbane Meetup Group, advisor of Agile Australia, co-chair of one of the worlds leading Agile Podcasts and an Agile Editor for InfoQ, Craig is one of Australia’s heaviest contributors to the Agile community.

Craig Smith has presented at numerous conferences including Agile 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. He has also presented at Agile Australia from 2009-2012, as well as numerous other Agile conferences and meetups. Craig specialises in all facets of Agile training, executive coaching and technical excellence by helping teams move quality to the left.