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Episode 34: Agile Australia 2012 Wrapup

Craig and Renee returned from the Agile Australia 2012 conference in Melbourne and share their highlights including: New Zealand BFF Douglas Talbot Keynote from Fiona Wood Agile: Looking Back, Looking Forward: Adapt, Innovate,...
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Episode 33: Cynefin

Renee and Kim Ballestrin (organiser of Cynefin Melbourne) talk at Agile Australia about Dave Snowden's* Cynefin. For more details on Cynefin take a look at Dave's XP 2012 Keynote. Also if you are...
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Episode 30: Eleven Dictums

Craig, Tony and Renee get cynical about Agile, assist the search for 100 voices, talk about some recent posts by Steve Denning on management and Agile and lose count of the dictums. The...
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