BookWhoIs Who Is Agile in Australia and New Zealandby Renee Troughton, Sunish Chaba, Venkatesh Krishnamurthy and Yves HanoulleThe Australian and New Zealand regional version of the highly popular ‘Who Is Agile?’ book, this book delves in the Agile Community in Australia and New Zealand and asks the community questions such as:

  • What is the essence of Agile
  • What makes a great team; and
  • What one piece of advice would you give someone just starting with Agile?
BookAgileForest Agile Forest by Renee TroughtonDeep in the hinterland of Australia is a forest of marsupial animals who live in harmony and seclusion from human intervention. But a catastrophe is approaching them, and with only just over five weeks to prepare, the animals must learn how to plan, collaborate and execute a solution to save them all.If you love ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ or ‘My Iceberg is Melting’ then you will love the subtle metaphors of Agile Forest, a gripping fictional story that teaches the core values, principles and practices of Agile in a simple and easy to read way.

Agile Forest is a fascinating and engaging read, luring you into the lives of it’s animals but at the same time imparting wisdom to its readers.