Need on the ground support for your team in your Agile journey? We can help to coach your Scrum Masters or even play this critical role for your project.

Our team has coached Agile to over one thousand Australians and New Zealanders in Finance, Retail and Government sectors.

Our approach

Organisational change doesn’t simply happen through training alone. This is because behaviour occurs through both individuals and the system in which they work in.

Changes of system behaviour requires the recognition of the current value stream and identification of opportunities to continuously improve the delivery of knowledge work through waste removal, improved transparency, self-organization of teams, flexibility to adapt to unplanned change and tight feedback loops.

Changing individual behaviour requires both the changing of the system around the individuals and the constant re-enforcement of cultural value changes.

It is for this reason that we recommend embedded coaching – where our team is working closely every single day with those involved within the transformation. Our coaches help to re-enforce behaviours and to question the norm, always striving to continuously improve both the system and to encourage a learning culture within individuals that will support their personal growth to a level where they can improve the system themselves.