Both our trainingcoaching and consulting services focus on a more holistic or balanced view of Agile. Our ultimate aim is to help teams to work smarter and more efficiently whilst also boosting moral and engagement. To do this we blend methods, approaches and strategies to solve the specific needs of the organisations we work with.

We specialise in the following methods and approaches:

  • Scrum (Agile Project Management, also known as Radical Management)
  • Kanban (Lean/Agile Workflow Management)
  • Lean Startup (hypothesis experimentation for rapid benefits realisation)
  • eXtreme Programming (software craftsmanship and quality optimisation)
  • SAFe (Scaling Agile to multiple teams, leadership and management)
  • Lean (process waste identification and removal)
  • Cynefin (complexity theory as it applies to knowledge work)

These methods share some underlying elements, focussing on:

  • Improving client satisfaction
  • Improving team engagement
  • Identifying and escalating risks and issues rapidly and importantly, resolving them just as quickly
  • Reducing the cycle time (time it takes to deliver to a client end to end)
  • Providing complete visibility and transparency of all of the work and its progress, not only to the team and management
  • Improving the ability to adapt to change
  • Continuously improving both the way in which the team work together and the quality of the work itself